terça-feira, novembro 10, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures (2009)

No One Loves Me & Neither Do I / Mind Eraser, No Chaser / New Fang / Dead End Friends / Elephants / Scumbag Blues / Bandoliers / Reptiles / Interlude With Ludes / Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up / Caligulove / Gunman / Spinning In Daffodils


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sábado, outubro 03, 2009

Kylesa - Static Tensions (2009)

Poucas bandas ainda te fazem falar: "pô, esses caras mereciam mais reconhecimento". Mas vez ou outra surge alguma que te surpreende pra caralho. É o caso do Kylesa, banda de sludge formada em 2001 mas que só agora que vem chamando a atenção do povo que curte uma barulheira. No meu caso, só fui me deparar com eles semana passada. Ouvi os dois últimos álbums e minha indignação por não ter conhecido antes ainda não passou.

Numa rápida descrição: dois bateristas, vocal feminino rasgadão e guitarras com peso capaz de botar um sorriso de orelha a orelha em qualquer fã de Baroness, Acid King, Melvins e afins. Baixem e recomendem pra todo mundo, que é barulho do bom.

Download: http://bit.ly/T5o5d

quarta-feira, setembro 16, 2009

Scott Reeder - Weaver's Dawn EP (2008)

Reeder: "I've been getting asked a lot what they sound like — had to think about it for a second... way more of a band vibe than most of my solo record, leaning toward the possibility of pulling something off live in the future.

'Weaver's Dawn' — ended up as kind of a Kyuss vibe with The Foggy Bottom singin'. Some of the vocals were done through tin cans strung together. Had room for some bass stretching out at the end...

'As We Become'... hard to describe. I'd imagine it would be like locking Dave Grohl, Jaz Coleman, David Gilmour and Adam Jones in a studio for a night, even though the next morning you'd probably find Jaz picking his teeth next to a big pile of bones! I recorded this one for the Missus to mark our 20th anniversary. Heavy. Sweet. Haunting.

The artwork is a photo by Alex Solca that's an outtake from the KYUSS 'Sky Valley' shoots. We each had our personal concept stuff we worked on that ended up being completely perfect now for 'Weaver's Dawn'." (via Blabbermouth.net).

Download: http://bit.ly/y97DV

segunda-feira, setembro 14, 2009

Nebula - Heavy Psych EP (2008)

Former Eddie Glass formed Nebula in 1997, releasing the band's first EP, Let It Burn, on tiny Tee Pee Records. Over a decade later, after time served on Sub Pop and Liquor and Poker, Glass and a new bassist and drummer are back on Tee Pee with an album that could have been recorded the day after the Let It Burn sessions. His stinging guitar leads (and gift for artful bursts of noise -- check out the speaker-frying intro to "Aphrodite"), the occasional trips into space via pedals and keyboard accents, and the slow and steady drumming are all in place just as they've always been. There are some surprises, like the two-minute instrumental "Dream Submarine," which pairs bouzouki-like guitars with thunderous timpani bashing. The album's longest track, "The Other Side," is also one of its most melodic, and lives up to the album's title quite well, as it's trippy and somewhat soothing as its fuzzy main riff works its way into your brain. Put simply, if you like any of Nebula's earlier work, not to mention the 1990s work Monster Magnet, Brant Bjork, or Fu Manchu, you'll like this album just fine. (allmusic.com)

Download: http://bit.ly/bfZsb

domingo, setembro 06, 2009

Chris Cornell - Live at Paramount Theater, 2000

Bootleg "sounboard" gravado durante a turnê do primeiro álbum solo. Longe das gayzices atuais, Cornell dá um show a parte com o line-up que reunia Alain Johannes e Natasha Shneider, do Eleven, e que também já passaram pelo QOTSA em 2005. Vou postar algumas informações técnicas do show abaixo. Mas nem se preocupem muito, pois a qualidade de som está excelente.

Chris Cornell
Live @ Paramount Theater, Denver, CO

Sunshower / Can't Change Me / Flutter Girl / Mission / Preaching The End Of The World / Seasons / Fell On Black Days / Disappearing One / Moon Child / Sweet Euphoria

MP3 audio (256 kbp/s) - Soundboard

Download: http://bit.ly/zs2ph

sexta-feira, agosto 28, 2009

John Frusciante - Shadows Collide With People (acoustic)

“Shadows Collide With People (acoustic)” is an acoustic version of “Shadows Collide With People,” released, for free, by John Frusciante through his website in 2004. From John Frusciante’s official site, before it turned into a blog: “I’m releasing this acoustic version of the album because there was so much production on the record — there’s so much layering of different types of sound and things — that I just thought it would be nice for some of the fans who prefer a more raw, stripped down sound. They will just hear the songs in their raw form.

Also, on the last album I put out, we did acoustic shows and those went over really well. But I’m not doing those this time because I’m spending my time recording. So I figured I’d do a little performance in my living room and put it on the internet so people could hear me doing those songs the way I would if I were doing an acoustic show - JF.” - Fonte: Last.fm

Download: http://bit.ly/1btyxu

quinta-feira, agosto 20, 2009

Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez - Old Money (2008)

Given its range, depth, and breadth, it's utterly fitting that Old Money, the January 2009 offering from the increasingly prolific Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (guitarist, producer, composer, and arranger for the Mars Volta), is his debut for the mind-bending Stone's Throw imprint. On this conceptual recording very loosely based around themes of childhood dreams, nightmares, and colonial capitalism, Rodriguez-Lopez and his musical partners -- who include Juan Alderete de la Peña on bass; Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez on percussion and synths; Deantoni Parks, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and Jon Theodore alternating on drums; and Adrian Terrazas-Gonzaleson winds -- whip up the most ambitious stew he's ever created. As a guitarist, Omar has continued absorbing the knotty winding path blazed by Frank Zappa. He's also learned from him compositionally. This music may sound unhinged, loose, and utterly mind-melting in terms of its madness, but rest assured, it is scripted and recorded quite carefully. Check "Population Council's Wet Dream," as the trio of Omar (on theremin and synths as well as guitar), Alderete de la Peña, and Theodore create a power trio of a track that would not have sounded out of place on either Zappa's Hot Rats or Billy Cobham's Spectrum. The crisscrossing rhythms, key shifts, and dynamic changes that occur within this driving, intensely focused composition may feel at times like a jam, but it's far too intricate for that. "Private Fortunes" is like its mirror image, even as Omar, who plays various keys and synths as well as bass and guitar, duets with Marcel. The faux strings, rubbery keyboard sounds, and blazing guitar solo interact beautifully with Marcel's hand drums and Latin rhythms. The closest thing to an all-out jam here is the humorously titled "I Like the Rockefellers' First Two Records, But After That...," where layers of guitars and keyboards swirl around each other but are tempered by a dubby rhythm section keeping everything anchored in a single time signature -- seemingly. But even it stretches and morphs after a bit. The set closes with the title track, the longest track here. It begins like one of Omar's soundtrack compositions, with muted fuzzy guitars layered in wah-wah and reverb as well as controlled feedback and playing in harmonic extensions of one another, with killer breaks by Marcel and Alderete de la Peña's popping bassline urging on the guitars. Marcel adds a clavinet to make things even more mutantly funky, but it just ROCKS! This may be the most over the top rock recording that Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has released to date, but it nonetheless contains all the imaginative and sophisticated musical elements that have made him so compelling as an artist. In fact, Old Money is so far-reaching, it will likely piss off some of his fans while making others nearly swoon with its unwieldy rockist excesses. As for winning new fans to his cause? You bet. (Thom Jurek, allmusic)

Download: http://bit.ly/2DJJSq

quinta-feira, março 12, 2009

Year Long Disaster - 2 EPs

O Year Long Disaster já figurou aqui no blog em outras ocasiões, mas esses 2 EPs tinham ficado de fora pelo fato de ainda serem desconhecidos por esse que vos fala. Bom, o 1º EP, entitulado "Catalyst" (2004), foi o primeiro lançamento dos caras e tem 4 faixas no total; com uma produção bem crua, porém consistente, esse EP não deixa nada a desejar se comparado com a super-produção que foi feita no LP de 2007 lançado pela Volcom. Já o outro EP é de 2006 e, ao que me consta, foi lançado exclusivamente pelo website oficial. Foi até lançado um clipe pra uma das faixas - "Desperate Thirst For A Cigarrete" - bem simples, só com fundo verde e tal. Outra faixa que merece atenção é o cover de "Twist Of Cain", do Danzig, que caiu como uma luva pro YLD.

Enfim, pra quem gosta da banda e achava que havia pouco material deles circulando por aí, agora não tem mais motivo pra reclamar. :)

Download: http://lix.in/-40ec67

segunda-feira, fevereiro 09, 2009

Queens of the Stone Age - Bern, 2002-11-18 (Acoustic)

Pra acalmar um pouco, aqui vai um set acústico bem interessante do Qotsa, no final de 2002 na Suíça. Como curiosidade, cerca de 700 pessoas compareceram ao local, um grande sótão de madeira de um bar da capital Berna. Ambiente perfeito pra tal performance, que contou com várias canções desconhecidas e algumas do Mondo Generator, Desert Sessions e da carreira solo do Mark Lanegan (sim, a lenda também estava lá presente). Outra curiosidade é que é possível ver uma música desse show em vídeo no final do DVD oficial "Over The Years And Through The Woods", lançado em 2005 - First It Giveth entra como "easter egg" logo após os créditos. Tá aí o set:

Mosquito Song / Six Shooter / Bloody Hammer / Go With The Flow / Hangin' Tree / Detroit / I'm Dead / Gonna Leave You / Four Corners / I Want You To Die / First It Giveth / All That I Got? / Like A Drug / No One Knows / On Jesus' Program / Auto Pilot / You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Another Love Song / Better Living Through Chemistry

Download @ mp3, 128 kbp/s: http://lix.in/-3be784

sexta-feira, fevereiro 06, 2009

Russian Circles - Enter (2006)

This is an appeal on behalf of us, music fans the world over, to you, post-rocking instrumental acts of no particular intelligence: please, try harder. The bar has been raised dozens of times since Young Team, and it’s about time ninety per cent of you caught up. It is a fact, is it not, that the majority of instrumental rock bands filling basement clubs and loft venues with crisp arpeggio and wandering basslines on a weekly basis are, actually, Fairly Dull. Few that these eyes (and more importantly ears) have witnessed have achieved that perfect balance between distortion and delicacy, aggression and sympathy, nuclear bombast and soft cherry blossom. Most spin out the same idea over several ‘songs’ and expect congratulations for their astute sense of compositional uniqueness, when in fact they display exactly nothing of the sort: they’re playing it safe and sound-alike, simple and effective but not affecting. So fuck them: this is the bar raised ‘til it’s so nearly out of reach, only touchable through unsteady tip-toes and elongated digits. This is Russian Circles’ debut and it blows many an alleged peer out of the water entirely. (Mike Diver, drownedinsound.com)


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Me perdoem...

... mas eu não pude evitar.